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June 16, 2013

how to unlock samsung galaxy pattern lock Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes , Format Codes , How To Format & Reset Code

how to unlock samsung galaxy pattern lock

Samsung Galaxy  Secret Codes , Format Codes , How To Format & Reset Code

* #1234# to check software version of phone.
*#12580*369# to check software and hardware information.
*#0228# Battery status (ADC, RSSI reading)
*#32489# Service mode
*#7780# factory data reset galaxy y
*2767*3855# Full factory reset (Don’t dial it does not ask you to confirm unless you have problem)
These codes will work on all the models of galaxy series.

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June 15, 2013

How to replace mic of Nokia 5310 :Jumper Trick

To replace mic of Nokia have to follow below procedure/trick

Step 1. - Extract mic using hot air gun
step 2 . - Install New Mic. using below jumper trick.

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June 13, 2013

Book your Train Ticket with SMS : IRCTC

IRCTC is planning to launch SMS service to book your train ticket.From July onwards booking rail tickets will be as simple as sending an SMS Any mobile user can operate this system using handsets ranging from feature phones to smartphones.

According to a newspaper report quoting a senior IRCTC official, "The bookings can be made from anywhere and at any time in a secure manner without a need to log onto the internet or stand in a queue."

The report further added that any mobile user can operate this system using handsets ranging from feature phones to smartphones.

It all started in January 2012, when IRCTC started working on revamping its mobile apps for booking tickets from smartphones ( different OS).

Though not much clarity is there about how will the new ticket booking system work but as the launch date approaches IRCTC will be sharing further information of the same.

In the last couple of months IRCT has been has been adopting mobile technology in a big way to make the rail journey of passengers, right form booking a ticket to reaching destination, a smooth experience.
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April 12, 2013

Nokia 105 - Most Affordable Mobile for First Time Buyers

Mobile phone maker Nokia announced the launch of its most affordable handset 
- Nokia105 in the Indian market aimed at first time buyers.

Priced at 1,249, the phone is a colorful introduction to the Nokia range for first time buyers and is the lowest priced color screen entry phone available in the Indian market, a company release said here.

A successor to the highly successful Nokia 1280, which sold more than 100 million units in its lifetime, the Nokia 105 offers high quality handset design and everyday essentials like FM radio, a speaking clock and flashlight, making it ideal for first-time buyers, it added.

T S Sridhar, Regional General Manager (South), Nokia India, said the handset marks the end of black and white screen era in the domestic phone market.

"The very human and fresh design of Nokia 105 makes it distinct in this price range, and utterly modern despite a traditional form factor. Our most affordable device with some of the best category features is the ideal handset for first time buyers to enjoy the benefits and experiences of mobility," Sridhar said.
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March 13, 2013

Sony Xperia-Z Review

Sony launched the Xperia Z, its new flagship smartphone in the Indian market in the first week of March. The USP of the phone is its 5-inch 1080p HD display, in addition to its water and dust resistant build, and a 13.1-megapixel camera. It's the second phone after the HTC Butterfly, to feature a full-HD display. However, it's priced about Rs.7,000 cheaper than the Butterfly at Rs. 38,990. Sony is also trying its best foot forward in promoting the phone in the Indian market with a star-studded marketing campaign.

HTC Butterfly
HTC Butterfly features a 5-inch Super LCD III touch-screen with 441ppi pixel density and 1920x1080p resolution. The display is crisp and vivid, has good viewing angles and makes it a pleasure to watch videos and view just any content. What we do not like about its screen is that the colours wash out when seen under direct sunlight, even at full brightness. 

Sony Xperia ZA 5-inch TFT display is used in Sony Xperia Z; the keys are based on the display itself. The phone supports 1920x1080p resolution and 441ppi pixel density, same as the HTC Butterfly. The screen of this phone is as gorgeous as that of Butterfly but does not have the same contrast level. The two phones also share the poor sunlight legibility as well. 

BlackBerry Z10
Z10 comes with a 4.2-inch with 355ppi pixel density and 1280x768ppi pixel density. Despite the lower pixel density, the screen does not pale much in front of the other three. Moreover, it wins when it comes to sunlight legibility. However, it does lose out to them when it comes to full HD support and the video playback is not as beautiful either.
Nokia Lumia 920
Lumia 920 has a 4.5-inch IPS panel with PureMotion HD+ and ClearBlack display technologies. The pixel density of this screen is 332ppi and resolution is 1280x768p. Where the screen of Lumia 920 scores above all others is sunlight legibility as it remains clear and vivid and does not lose contrast at all when viewed during bright sunlight. But again, the lack of full HD support will pinch those who wish to view high resolution movies.

Though the screens of Nokia Lumia 920 and BlackBerry Z10 are very good, the full HD video playback was not as good as what we got with the two Android phones. The video was scaled down to suit the phone's native resolution and video quality was not life-like. If Lumia 920's touchscreen sensitivity is set as High in settings menu, you can operate the phone even while wearing gloves, a feature that will come in handy in colder climes.

A screen as impressive as HDTV – Full HD Reality Display

Feel like you’re there with the razor sharp and super bright full HD screen. Xperia Z brings you the highest level of HD available – 1080 progressive scan, for incredibly crisp pictures and no jagged edges. Expertise from our BRAVIA® TV engineers goes into our mobile screens, to bring you the same quality you’d expect from a top quality HDTV. The 5” full HD Reality Display also has very high pixel density – 443 pixels per inch, for razor sharp pictures – and superior brightness. And with the wide colour gamut it gives you the widest colour spectrum, so you can view every detail in vivid colour.
2. Camera

Exmor RS™ for mobile – the world’s first image sensor with HDR video for smartphones

HDR for photos and videos captures natural colours in any light. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is an imaging technology used to capture clear photos against strong backlight. With HDR, the camera captures the same image at different exposure levels and layers them to create one optimised photo.
Xperia Z introduces HDR to video, so that you can film even in high contrast situations, like in front of a window or with the sun behind your subject.
3. Design & Durability

Minimal yet distinctive – OmniBalance design

With Xperia Z, we introduce our new OmniBalance design. The design is focused on creating balance and symmetry in all directions. Xperia Z has subtly rounded edges and smooth, reflective surfaces on all sides, which are held together by an innovative skeleton frame.
Both the front and back are made of glass, with a seamless surface. Together with enhanced reflection coating on the top, bottom and sides, Xperia Z actually mirrors the world around you. OmniBalance design balances technology vs. design, letting you get so totally immersed in the content that the hardware disappears. 
4. Connectivity

One-touch connectivity from Sony

Sharing with friends and connecting your world has never been easier. Based on NFC (near field communication), our One-touch functions connect one device to another in a single tap. No wires, cables, or fiddling with settings necessary.
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November 1, 2012

8 Outstanding Features of Windows 8 Phone

Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 8, the most awaited version of its Smartphone operating system. The new OS is to give stiff competition to the reigning Apple iOS and Google’s Android.

The Smartphones running Microsoft’s new OS will be available by this weekend in Europe and allover world from November.

"We had a very different perspective on what a Smartphone should be," Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO said at the press event. The statement increases speculation about how far Windows Phone 8 will fare in being the third desired option after iOS and Android among Smartphone users.

But it is definitely packed with some amazing features, which are able to satisfy every Smartphone users out there. Read on to know the 8 most outstanding features of Windows Phone 8.

#8 Lock Screen:

Windows Phone 8’s Lock Screen shows all necessary information in one screen. Microsoft always had live tiles as top priority, and it can be noticed in the Lock Screen. The tiles or the apps on the home screen refresh with new information on their own; so you need not to tap on app to see new Facebook notifications or the weather updates. And you can customize it with the tiles of your favorite apps or contacts. "It will automatically surface photos and notifications and content from your favorite apps," Joe Belfiore, manager of the Windows Phone Program at Microsoft said.

#7 Kid's Corner

This feature enables a “guest user” mode, where parents can customize the content on phone that kids can have access to, like games, learning apps, videos, and music. This feature prevents the kids from wrecking havoc on once personal data, or misuse the mobile.

#6 Data Sense

Another new feature introduced in to newOS is focused on saving money and time. It is called Data Sense. You have to fill in your data plan and end date of your monthly billing cycle; the app will then monitors your data usage, and will warn you with pop-up notification if you’re reaching your monthly allotment. The app can also compress data sent over the wireless network, so you can save few bucks. It also helps you find nearby Wi-Fi hotspot so you can turn off of the mobile network. This feature can get you 40 percent more web browsing than other phones, Belfiore said. And lastly you can get snapshot of your data usage.

#5 Syncing your phone

Windows Phone 8 offers several ways to sync your phone so that you need not to go through Zune to access your stuff, be it music, videos, photos and many more. The devices on this platform can utilize MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) which means you can access phone as external hard drive. You can drag and drop files, and even go into media player and sync up songs.

In addition to it you can sync up with iTunes too, but it requires desktop companion app to do so. And for Mac users this is the only option to connect the Microsoft Phone 8 device to their machine.

#4 Compatibility with Windows 8

Even a single look at Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will let secret out—both share greater kinship. Microsoft seems to be betting heavily on the Modern UI, and worked hard to combine desktop, mobile and tablet experience into one platform. Which means that, windows 8 developers can use same code for Windows Phone 8 too; the company is hoping that this feature can bring third party developers to come together and strengthen its unproven ecosystem of Apps.

#3 Wallet and NFC

Microsoft taken notice of Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook, and is coming up with its own Wallet app, which may combine the features of both its compotators and can add more. It serves as hub for storing your credit card information, which can be used to purchase stuff on stores or for NFC (near field communication) enabled mobile payments.

The feature doesn’t stop here, you can use this to share videos, music, contact information and Internet Explorer links between phones and other devices.

#2 Photos and Camera

Even though the new OS could have been reason to add something creative to the camera, Microsoft has came up with only few but differentiating camera feature. The view finder UI has received few tweaks, like zoom is no longer on side bar for you can pinch-to-zoom on the viewfinder itself. The sidebar sports flash toggle switch and ability to select a lens. The camcorder and front-facing camera toggles remain same. 

In addition to it the developers may come with apps that can enhance overall photo-taking experience. The apps can be like Photostrip, which lets you take shots in burst mode or Photosynth that offers panoramic shots and many more.

#1 Music and Video

The old is gone, Zune is yesterday’s news. The music section is ruled by Xbox Music Store; likewise Zune pass is now Xbox music pass.

The best feature is the phones’ deep integration with cloud. The purchases you made within Music stores are available on cloud for you to listen anytime you want. And every song and video associated with your Microsoft account will get listed in to your collections, which you can download or stream. 

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February 18, 2012

Rovio's New Launch "Angry Birds Space" Blasting off on March 22

It seems that planet Earth isn’t big enough for Angry Birds anymore. The cute cartoon characters are headed into the void with the upcoming Angry Birds Space game from Rovio.

We've got the exclusive scoop on the next official game in Rovio's blockbuster, bird-flinging franchise: "Angry Birds Space." The game is due to smash into mobile devices on March 22.

Angry Birds has been the major success story of mobile games in the past couple of years with more than 700 million downloads for the game. 

For the three people unfamiliar with how the game works, you shoot cute Angry Bird characters via slingshot at some big green pigs who hide in structures that can be crushed by the birds. The game has made its way into emerging markets in a big way and debuted on Facebook this week. No game has grown so quickly and so broadly in the mass market, and Rovio is milking the success as much as it can with everything from movie appearances to plush toys.

A website for Angry Birds Space is now live, and it houses a 20-second teaser trailer for the game, which is embedded below. The site also includes an image of the moon, earth, and the game's iconic slingshot designed as if it were built out of moon rock. 
Though the specifics are still under wraps, Rovio has confirmed that the game will feature some completely new birds alongside some familiar ones, now sporting new super powers. (No word if Hawkman makes a cameo.) The game's three-star level rating system will be back as well.
Rovio considers Angry Birds Space to be their biggest launch since the original game, which has put up some staggering numbers over the years. Since the franchise debuted in 2009, it's been downloaded over 700 million times across various iOS and Android devices, making it one of the most lucrative game properties in the world. The game also helped launch the Google Plus gaming channel, and earlier this week finally flung itself at Facebook.
With Angry Birds Space, however, they're kicking it up a notch by simultaneously releasing the product in mobile gaming, retail, and animation channels, a multi-media blitz that the company believes is a first for a mobile game.  In other words, those Angry Birds toys,  costumes, and playsets were really just the beginning. Angry Birds moonbase, anyone?
Rovio plans to announce more specific partnerships -- not to mention more gameplay details -- in the coming weeks via the official Angry Birds Space website. Until then, we'll just have to stare at this teaser trailer:
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