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August 21, 2012

Delete un-necessary emails without checking from your Gmail

It had usually been irritating to receive useless emails or spam emails in your account. Few days back I received almost 15 to 20 useless emails everyday amongst those which were useful. Then someone told me about a new feature “FILTER” that Gmail provides you to get rid of unwanted emails.
You cannot Block unwanted types of emails from marked addresses or domain but you can simply set a “FILTER” to move these emails or messages directly to trash and can delete without checking them.
To set a Filter follow the steps below:
• Login to your Gmail account.
• Click on Mail settings and then click on “FILTER” and select “Create a new Filter”.

• Now fill up the field with Filter’s details and then click on “Create Filter with this search”.

• Now select the action that you would like for these unwanted emails by Tick marking on the appropriate box.
• And then, finally click on “Create Filter”.

Now you had set a Filter to those emails that used to disturb you a lot. And no more unwanted emails are going to disturb you from now.

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