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January 5, 2012

IRCTC launches website for booking rail tickets on mobile phone

Booking train ticket was never so easy as you can now get it done through your mobile phone.IRCTC launches a smarter way to book tickets. Now book your rail ticket -ANYWHERE ANYTIME through your Mobile Phones.

"After initial registration and downloading of suitable software on the mobile handset with internet facility, it will be possible for the mobile users to book a ticket through their own mobile."

IRCTC brings to you the mobile website with just a few clicks you can book your tickets using your Mobile Phones. IRCTC mobile website is convenient and easy to use, can be accessed from any browser enabled mobile having basic GPRS activated on phone.

The following features are available:

Book Ticket/ Enquiry - Book tickets by providing source and destination.
Booked History - Tickets whose Date of Journey is due will be visible.
Cancel Ticket - Cancel any of the tickets whose date of journey is due.

Browse the URL using your mobile and book tickets using any of your credit/debit card for payment.

Help for booking
1. Login to URL with your existing IRCTC user id and password.
2. Fill in details for plan my travel.
3. Select the train and continue the booking.
4. Use existing passenger list on add passengers.
5. Confirm booking details and pay through Credit/debit card to get successful booking.

Launched by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation ( IRCTC), a PSU under Railway Ministry, has been offering the service of booking e-ticket over the mobile phone, said a senior Railway Ministry official.

After booking, the passenger will receive a reservation message with full details of the ticket including PNR, train no, date of journey and class.

"This virtual message would be treated at par with the print-out of the e-ticket which at present is taken out by the passengers and is known as Electronic Reservation Slip ( ERS)," he said.

Hence, with the virtual message, passengers would not be required to take a print-out of e-ticket to be carried with them. Showing the reservation message of the confirmed ticket on their mobile during travel will be sufficient. Internet is required on mobile phones to book tickets through mobile.

The passenger has to register at the time of first transaction and thereafter book the ticket using his ID and password.The service was introduced on a pilot basis for a few and now the more than a thousand users are availing this facility everyday, he said.

The service charge is similar to e-tickets-- Rs 10 for Sleeper class and Rs 20 for other higher class.

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October 12, 2011

Nobel Prize winners of 2011

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September 21, 2011

TRAI will cap SMS to 100 per day from 27 sep

Make sure that you draw up the list of who you want to wish this Dussehra very carefully since the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has decided to cap the number of text messages that you can send every day at 100.

The new set of rules has ostensibly been framed to check telemarketers from bombarding you with unwanted messages from sauna belts to real estate deals but it will end up putting curbs on how many SMSes you send from your phone.

With the cap coming into effect from September 27, several mobile users would have to resort to making phone calls instead of sending out text messages, seen to be less intrusive. Besides, many who pay up to Rs 100 a month to get a daily dose of free text messages would now see a sharp rise in their phone bills as these schemes would no longer be valid.

Although there are several mobile phone users who send more than 100 messages a day, the regulator and government officials are unwilling to buy this and argue that this is the best way to deal with pesky calls-a menace that Trai as well as the government have been unable to tackle for years.

What's more, telecom operators say that it may be tough to monitor if the 3,000 SMS a month cap for postpaid subscribers is adhered to or not. "In case of prepaid users, you can monitor it on a day-today basis but for postpaid customers , you will look at the number at the end of the month," said Rajan S Mathews , director general of COAI. Trai chairman J S Sarma could not be reached for comment .

Earlier this month, the telecom regulator mandated that commercial communications be sent between 9 am and 9 pm to all subscriberswhether registered for the National Do Not Call Registry or not. For those who opt to be under the 'fully blocked' category, a telemarketer cannot disturb you.

Alternatively, you can opt for the facility which allows you to access information on any of the seven segments-banking and financial products, real estate, education, health, consumer goods, automobiles, communication and entertainment, tourism and leisure.

An exception will be made in case of transaction-related messages such as those from banks, insurance companies, railways, airlines or telecom service providers for providing information related to customers or passengers.

Companies have been mandated to register with telecom service providers who would assign them numbers in the 140 series. "What if the 101st message is in an emergency?" asks COAI's Mathews.

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September 20, 2011

World's Top 10 Biggest Employers

Creating jobs is a very important aspect of any economy. All countries are judged depending on the number of jobs that are created or what is the employment or unemployment rate. There are several sectors which helps government to create jobs. Big Companies or large organizations are boon to country's economy as the rate of employment increases and it increases the scope of productivity. Economists traced 10 largest employers in the world.

Here is the list if top 10 biggest employers in the world.

U.S. Defense Department
U.S. Defense Department has 3.2 million employees in the world. It is known as the largest employers in the world. Employers are working in the armed services, the National Guard, the reserves and civilian support. 

Leon Panetta is the head of the Department. Washington, D.C. is the Headquarters. 

Chinese Army Sign
The Chinese military is the unified military organization of the Republic of China. Chinese army is known as the People's Liberation Army. It is world's largest active standing army. Having 2.3 million employees, stands as the second largest employer in the world.

Hu Jintao heads this army and headquarters is at Beijing.

Walmart employed 2.1 million employees in the world. 'Walton's Five and Dime' family owned brand has grown into the largest private employer in the world. The company has 8,500 stores under 55 different banners in 15 different countries. 

The headquarters is at Bentonville, Arkansas and Mike Duke is the CEO of this empire.  

The world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants is also the world's fourth
largest employer. 1.7 million People are working in the Mc Donald's, includes people who work at separately owned franchises. It serves around 64 million people worldwide.

The headquarters is at Oak Brook, Illinois. James A. Skinne heads the company.

5.Chinese National Petroleum Corporation
The CNPC is the largest integrated oil and gas company in China. 1.7 million people are working for this company . It extended its project in countries such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Uzbekistan.

The headquarters is at Beijing and Jiang Jiemin heads the organization

6.State Grid Corporation of China
The State Grid Corp. is the largest electric power transmission and distribution company in the world. 1.6 million People are working for this company. It stands at the 8th rank in the largest overall Fortune Global 500 list.

The Headquarters is at Beijing and the CEO of the company is Liu Zhenya. 
National Health Service plays a pivotal role in England. One of every 23 workers in England is employed by the National Health Service. 1.4 million People are working under the same banner. 84 percent work in patient care, and just 3 percent of the workforce is managers. The publicly funded NHS is the oldest single-payer health system in the world .

The headquarters is at London and David Nicholson heads this company. 
India has the second largest railway network in the world, carrying over 30 million passengers a day. This system became unified in 1951, after combining 42 different Indian railroad companies. 1.4 million employees(approx) are working for Indian Railways.At present everything is run by one management. It operates out of the Indian government. Indian Railways oversees most of India's rail transportation.

The headquarters is at New Delhi and Dinesh Trivedi heads the department . 

9.China Post Group
China Post Group established in 2006, started with $10 billion in capital and owns the China Postal Air Freight Corporation and the China Postal Savings Bank.Around 900000 people are working for the company. 
The headquarters is at Beijing and Liu Andong is the head of this group.

10.Hon Hai Precision Industry 
The world's largest contract electronics maker is Hon Hai. The assemblers of Apple's iPhones and iPad's came under fire recently for heavy pollution in mainland China. Other clients for the manufacturing giant include Nokia and Sony.

The headquartes is at Taipei. Tai-Ming Gou is the CEO of the company.

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September 19, 2011

Vidyut Jamwal Photos

Vidyut is a trained martial arts fighter and has excelled in a fight form called Kalari and has also trained gymnast. He will be seen doing some spectacular stunts in the film along with John Abraham. John who has himself performed astonishing stunts in the film, including lifting a bike, will have a cool competitor in Vidyut.

Checkout The Pictures

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September 17, 2011

A Tribute To Uncle Pai (Anant Pai) on his 82nd Birthday

Anant Pai
Reading is more than just an ability – it is a source of immense joy and even a melting pot of nostalgia. No one got this message across better than the lovable Uncle Pai. Google pays tribute to everyone’s dear Uncle by dedicating a Google doodle in his honor. Today is his 82nd birthday; today (17th September) is the birthday of a precious part of our childhood.

Anant Pai (Konkani: अनंत पै) (17 September 1929 – 24 February 2011), popularly known as Uncle Pai, was an Indian educationalist and creator of Indian comics, in particular the Amar Chitra Katha series in 1967, along with the India Book House publishers, and which retold traditional Indian folk tales, mythological stories, and biographies of historical characters. In 1980, he launched Tinkle, a children's anthology, which was started under Rang Rekha Features, India's first comic and cartoon syndicate, that lasted till 1998, with him as the Managing Director.

Childhood Memories

It’s difficult for me to be merely professional while writing this, since it evicts so many gorgeous memories of my childhood. Who could forget the lovable Suppandi, the simpleton servant, who would happily get his orders mixed up and produce some innocent humour? Remember Shikari Shambu, whom the world reputes as a brave hunter, but is really meek and gentle? Somehow, in spite of bungling up everything, he would still end up the winner, protecting his own reputation and also delighting young hearts.
Amar Chitra Katha
The idea behind starting a comicbook series devoted to Indian culture and history came to Pai from a quiz contest aired on Doordarshan in February 1967, in which participants could easily answer questions pertaining to Greek mythology, but were unable to reply to the question "In the Ramayana, who was Rama's mother?"
He left his job and started Amar Chitra Katha the same year, with the help of late G. L. Mirchandani of India Book House, when most other publishers from Allied Publishers to Jaico had rejected the concept. Later, he took on the role of writer, editor and publisher. The series went on to become a publishing milestone for the Indian comic book scene, selling over 86 million copies of about 440 titles.
The idea and proposal for Amar Chitra Katha was made by a Bangalore book salesman called G.K. Ananthram which led to the first Amar Chitra Katha comics being produced in 1965—in Kannada, not English. “The English ACK titles begin from number eleven because the first ten were in Kannada,” clarifies Ananthram. To Anathram’s satisfaction, the venture was a great commercial success which lead to the head office in Mumbai pursuing the Amar Chitra Katha idea diligently, and the rest is history. “They brought in Anant Pai” says Ananthram. “And he built a wonderful team and a great brand.” 
In 1969, Anant Pai founded Rang Rekha Features, India's first comic and cartoon syndicate, and started the children's magazine Tinkle in 1980. His involvement with the above, and the rapport he shared with his readers earned him the title "Uncle Pai".
Google's Doodle on Anant Pai's 82nd Birthday
Google Doodle Celebrating his Birthday
A comic book style doodle featuring the Anant Pai welcomed Google users in India on his 82nd birth anniversary. The doodle drawn in classic Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle style shows Uncle Pai, as Anant Pai was known to millions of young readers, surrounded by Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle comic books.

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September 13, 2011

Novak Djokovic outplayed Spain's Rafa Nadal to win his maiden U.S. Open Title

Serbia's Novak Djokovic outplayed Spain's Rafa Nadal to win the U.S. Open final 6-2 6-4 6-7 6-1 at Flushing Meadows on Monday and show why he really is the hottest player in the game right now.

After losing the match nadal posted in his FB page that
"I did everything to win but tonight it couldn't be. Thanks for your support and now I'll continue working for the next tournament :)"
Nadal & Djokovic
The world number one produced a masterful display of tactics and precision then regained his composure after failing to serve out the match in the third set to seal victory after four hours and 10 minutes.
The win provided Djokovic with his first U.S. Open title after he had twice been beaten in the final, including last year's decider against Nadal, and his third grand slam this year after having won the Australian Open and Wimbledon.
"It really sounds unreal. It's an incredible feeling," Djokovic said.
"I've had an amazing year and it keeps going. Every time I play Rafa, it's a big challenge. I want to congratulate him on a great tournament again and I wish that we have many more tough matches in the upcoming years."
Nadal, who was the undisputed king of tennis 12 months ago when he completed his collection of grand slam titles at Flushing Meadows, was again left searching for answers after a season in which he has lost six finals, including Wimbledon, and the number one ranking to Djokovic.
"Obviously I'm disappointed now but this guy's done unbelievable things," Nadal said. "I tried my best in every moment. These kind of matches are very difficult, it brings your body to the limit. I tried to play crazy but he always makes fantastic comebacks. That's tennis."
No matter how hard he tried, Nadal could not find a way to get on top of the Serbian, who played at an extraordinary high-level despite windy conditions at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
To his credit, Nadal fought back gamely to win the third set in a tiebreaker after Djokovic came within two points of wrapping up the championship on his own serve.
There were signs of concern for the Serbian, who saved two match points in his semi-final exhausting win over Roger Federer, when he called for the trainer to treat his aching back at the start of the fourth set but he recovered and broke Nadal's opening serve to regain control.
After consolidating his lead by holding his next two service games, he broke Nadal's serve again, for the 11th time in the match, the served out victory, collapsing on the court in celebration after smashing a winner past his opponent.
Both players produced some incredible tennis, including some epic rallies that had the packed center court crowd roaring at the top of their lungs, but it was Djokovic who won all the key moments.
In each of the first two sets, Nadal jumped out to a 2-0 lead, only to be reined in by Djokovic, who kept the Spanish left-hander under constant pressure with some monster returns that landed right at his feet.
Djokovic reeled off six straight games to take the opening set after 53 minutes but found himself down 2-0 again at the start of the second.
He broke back after an epic third game that lasted more than 17 minutes and included eight deuces and led 4-2. Nadal got back to 4-4 but another service break cost him the set.
The third set was the longest, lasting 84 minutes. Both players were broken three times but Djokovic had the chance to serve out the match.
He failed but made amends by racing through the fourth set in 42 minutes to leave no one in doubt that he is the best player in the world.
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September 12, 2011

Tribute-in-lights on the 10th anniversary of 9/11

The "Tribute in Lights" are seen in the sky in New York, September 10, 2011. National and city leaders will commemorate on Sunday the ten-year anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001 with a ceremony unveiling a memorial and museum.

Some snapshots........

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