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July 11, 2013

Magsaysay Award – The Nobel Prize of Asia | Indian Winners .

Introduction to Magsaysay Award


The Magsaysay Award, sometimes also known as Nobel Prize of Asia, was introduced in 1957, in the memory of the Philippines President Late Ramon Magsaysay, who died on March 17, 1957. The president died in a plane crash, is remembered by his countrymen for his great leadership. The President is loved by the people for his courage, simplicity, justice.
The prize was introduced by his admirers from America, the Rockefeller Brothers, in April 1957 under the Rockefeller Brothers Fund based in New York City with the contemporary Philippine government. It is awarded to honor the spirit of greatness in various fields viz. Government Service, Public
Service, Community Leadership, Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts, Peace and International Understanding and Emergent Leadership etc to people of Asia.
Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay was born on August 31, 1907. He was the seventh President of the Republic of the Philippines, elected on December 30, 1953. He was a die-hard anti-Communist. He was an automobile mechanic by profession. He was nominated for the post of President by his party Nacionalista Party. He was married to Luz Magsaysay in 1932 and fathered three children.

Ramon Magsaysay’s Life History

    1. 1. 1907 – In Iba, Zambales, Philippines to Exequiel Magsaysay and Perfecta del Fierro.                                                    
      2. 1927 – Entered in the University of the Philippines for Pre-engineering course                                                           
      3. 1941 – Joined the motor pool of the 31st Infantry Division of the Philippine Army.                                                     
      4. 1946 – Elected under the Liberal Party to the Philippine House of Representatives                                                      
      5. 1953 – Resigned his post as Defense Secretary and became the Presidential Candidate of the Nacionalista Party 
      6. 1953 – 1n December, elected as the seventh president of the country

  • Indians Winners of Magsaysay Award                    

    Name                                              Year            Field(s)
    Chintaman Deshmukh              1958 Community Leadership
    Chintaman Deshmukh              1959 Government Services
    Amitabha Chowdhury               1961 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts
    Mother Teresa                               1962 Peace and International Understanding
    Dara Khurody                               1963 Community Leadership
    Verghese Kurien                           1963 Community Leadership
    Tribhuvandas Patel                    1963 Community Leadership
    Welthy Fisher                             1964 Peace and International Understanding
    Jayaprakash Narayan 1965 Public Service K.D. Chattopadhyay 1966 Community Leadership Satyajit Ray 1967 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. M.S. Swaminathan 1971 Community Leadership M.S.Subbulakshmi 1974 Public Service Boobli G Verghese 1975 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts H. Holck-Larsen 1976 Peace and International Understanding Sombhu Mitra 1976 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts Ela Ramesh 1977 Community Leadership Mabelle Arole 1979 Community Leadership Rajanikant Arole 1979 Community Leadership Gour Kishore Ghosh 1981 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts Pramod Karan Sethi 1981 Community Leadership Chandi Prasad Bhatt 1982 Community Leadership Manibhai Desai 1982 Public Service Arun Shourie 1982 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts Rasipuram Lakshman 1984 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts Muralidhar Amte 1985 Public Service Lakshmi Chand Jain 1989 Public Service Ravi Shankar 1992 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts Banoo J. Coyaji 1993 Public Service Kiran Bedi 1994 Government Services Pandurang Athavale 1996 Community Leadership Tirunellai Seshan 1996 Government Services Mahasweta Devi 1997 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts Mahesh C. Mehta 1997 Public Service Jockin Arputham 2000 Peace and International Understanding Aruna Roy 2000 Community Leadership Rajendra Singh 2001 Community Leadership Sandeep Pandey 2002 Emergent Leadership James M. Lyngdoh 2003 Government Services Shantha Sinha 2003 Community Leadership Laxmi N. Ramdas 2004 Peace and International Understanding V Shantha 2005 Public Service Arvind Kejriwal 2006 Emergent Leadership Palagummi Sainath 2007 Journalism, Literature & Creative Comm. Arts Deep Joshi 2009 --------------- Neelima Mishra 2011 Emergent Leadership Harish Hande 2011 --------------- Kulandei Francis 2012 ---------------

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