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March 5, 2013

Export Query Results to CSV by using SQLCMD

This is indeed very easy process and very simple command to export any query data. For example we will use AdventureWorks2012 database. Here is the query we will be using for our demonstration.
USE AdventureWorks2012
SELECT TOP 10 sp.BusinessEntityID,sp.TerritoryID, sp.SalesQuota,sp.Bonus, sp.CommissionPctFROM Sales.SalesPerson sp
The above query will return following result set.
Now we can export above data to CSV using SQLCMD using following command.
SQLCMD -S . -d AdventureWorks2012 -Q “SELECT TOP 10 sp.BusinessEntityID, sp.TerritoryID, sp.SalesQuota, sp.Bonus, sp.CommissionPct FROM Sales.SalesPerson sp” -s “,” -o “e:\result.csv”
Generically you can use the following syntax:
SQLCMD -S YourSQLServer -d YourDatabase -U YourUserName -P YourPassword -Q “Your Query” -s “,” -o “C:\Yourfilename.csv”
Now you can go to your file location and open the file and you will see that new csv file created there. When you open the csv file you will notice the results of the query.

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