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August 11, 2011

Think & Innovate like Apple's CEO Steve Jobs

Do you want to think and innovate like Steve Jobs? Well Apple University is the place that you need to be with. This place is the ultimate galore to take lessons of leadership and long term vision that will benefit your organization.

Way back in 2008, Apple University was launched with the sole motive to teach Apple employees on how to think like Steve Jobs and make decisions he would make. The ultimate goal is to teach the executive team the thought process to be the future leaders.
Think like Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

"Steve Jobs is the person who oversees the whole process surrounding Apple University. Joel Podonly, who was a former Yale professor, is the manager of Apple University. Tim Cook, COO and Apple CEO, and Ron Johnson, senior Vice President is the teachers of Apple University."

According to Forbes, Job is ensuring that his teachings are being collected, curated and preserved so that future generation of Apple's leaders can consult and interpret them.

According to Business Insider, the company prepares case studies of major decisions that Apple executives have made throughout their history, such as why they decided to build Apple retail stores, or focus on having one factory in China manufacture the iPhone, and then they discuss them in class.

These are precious lessons that will shape up the future course of leadership in Apple. And every organization desperately wants to get the format in which apple cultural phenomenon had worked. It has cultivated the tradition of working in a more creative, forward-thinking environment. Their strategy is remarkably common sense more down-to-earth than artsy.

Apple ignores what's going on in the tech industry instead the company develops products by paying strict attention to its audience, high-end consumers. And one of the reasons of their high voltage anticipation of its products is their vaunted secrecy that keeps industry buzzing all the time about its next move. They develop their marketing strategies and executions by listening to their audiences instead of aping the competitor up the street. Moreover, the best things get done by top-down leadership.

Apple also turns down many more ideas than it approves for production. The company believes in the principle of perfection. Apart from its creative arena, it also outsells all other organization as far as the marketing strategies is concerned. Apple is totally a user experience, especially when it comes to serving their customers.

Apple University is not the only educational initiative of Apple. There is also Apple University Consortium, iTunes U and also a special store developed specially for students and educational institutions. Apple University Consortium fosters Apple technologies in universities. It works for about 37 member universities and associate members, including Australian National University, University of Melbourne and University of Queensland. It offers low cost technologies grants and scholarships.

Apple University has been called as solution to Apple after Steve Jobs. And the future of Apple surely lies on Apple University.

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