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August 11, 2011

Things you should know before buying a Tablet

It's the euphoria of tablets everywhere and every one of us wants to grab upon some kind of tablet. Today we have huge number of vendors flooding into the market with different types and shapes of tablets. The crux of the deal is to opt for the right tablets and this needs a complete research on the present layout of tablets in the market.

So before you lay your hands on anyone of them, make sure you are aware of the key things about a tablet. Here is a list of six things that you should know before buying a tablet.

1. Operating system:

Today the market offers you tablets with different types of operating system. While Android OS seems to be doing the buzz, Apple's iOS has been ruling the tablet industry for quite some time now. Android upgraded version Honeycomb 3.1 is the best suited for tablets, in case if you want to go for a tablet which supports android OS and if you are looking for enough customization then it is the ultimate hub.

2. Size:

Tablets come in different size and weight, so if you are looking for something ultra portable then 7 inch is the best to go for. But when it comes to browsing and gaming 10 in
ch tablet is the ultimate galore.

3. Connectivity:

Make sure you are aware of the connectivity facilities offered by different types of tablets and especially if you are an internet savvy person. Tablets come in either 3G or
Wi-Fi. Wireless connections work awesome in tablets whereas 3G are a profitable investment for people who are constantly travelling places.

 4. Apps:

Well, Apps are something that has concentrated a huge space in our lives today. The more your device supports apps the more it is taken as feasible. Android apps have got a huge
fan following in the recent time although Apple has best paid-for apps.

5. Connections:

Make sure your tablet has more than a USB connection and a headphone socket. Video outputs and card readers are some options that are always beneficial to you.

6. Touch screen:

There are two types of touch screen display. It is up to you to make sure it is the capacitive kind. Resistive touch screens are cheaper to make but it takes out the fluidity of
a touch interface as compared to capacitive ones.

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