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July 16, 2013

How To Change Oil and Flatten Tyre | Jump Start a Dead Battery in car

Why There is Need for Oil Changes ?

Like everything, automobiles also require maintenance. One of them is oil Changes. Regular oil changes ensure longer engine life of an automobile. For automobiles with frequent short trips where there is no chance to warm up completely, oil changes becomes more important because acid and moisture buildup does not have a chance to burn off. There are new engines that normally run very hot. Missing even a single oil change can cause an engine to develop sludge which can cause engine damage early on.
Modern oils generally contain detergents and additives that are designed to protect against sludge formation but if you regularly do a lot of short trips viz. during rush hour traffic, engine heat will eventually break down these additives hence stop protecting car engine. Thus, best way to protect your car, with regular oil changes. Here, is a full guide on how to change Car oil.

How To Change Car Oil – 10 Simple Steps

1. Keep yourself equipped all your materials: new oil, filter, oil pan, pliers, screwdriver and correct size wrench.
2. Lift the car safely by using the jack stand on the frame of the car.
3. Now, pour out used oil from car. Remove drain plug and drain the used oil into oil pan.
4. After pouring out the used oil, put plug back in and tighten it.
5. Locate the oil filter and remove it.
6. Put on the new oil filter in place.
7. Now, remove Jack stands and lower your car.
8. Add 4 half quarts of oil.
9. Start your car and let it run for 10-20 seconds.
10. Check if required quantity is there or not. Check oil and add correct amount.

How to Change a Flat (Punctured) Tyre – 10 Step Guide

    1. 1. Move to the side of the road and turn on hazard lights.
      2. Put on the E-Brake and get your tool trunk out.
      3. Get tools out of the trunk (jack, wrench, tyre). Get spare tyre out from the trunk.
      4. Loosen lugnuts slowly.
      5. Check for a good place on the frame to lift up the car using Jack stand.
      1. 6. Take lugnuts off and take off the flat tyre.
        7. Put the spare tire on. Tighten down all the lugnuts.
        8. Double check lugnuts.
        9. Now, lower the jack.
        10. Put the flat tire and tools back to the trunk, remove E-Brake, turn off hazard lights, and check for traffic before pulling back onto the road.

    1. Jump Start a Dead Battery – 5 Step Guide

      1. 1. Bring the two Cars closer enough to make the efficient connection between them. Line cars up so that batteries are close as possible. Make sure car engines are off and batteries not leaking.
        2. Connect positive on good or working battery.
        3. Connect negative on dead battery.
        4. Turn good battery on and turn key on the dead car.
          5. If car doesn’t start, check connections and try again.
          6. And there you go Battery will jump start. Unhook cables, close the bonut, and drive away

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