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July 2, 2013

Details of Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi Technology is a wireless networking technology that deals with radio technology this is to mean it uses radio waves to provide high speed wireless connections. It is a product developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.11 standards in 1997 Its commercialization was initiated by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Wi-Fi is the short form of Wireless Fidelity.
It was only used in place of 2.4GHz at first but it advanced to include all types of networks. Wi-Fi engages with many applications and equipment’s like video game gadgets, home networks, mobile phones as well as major operating systems. An individual or organization can use a wireless router to create a hotspot where devices that can connect wirelessly to obtain internet access. This router is mostly connected to a modem. One can access the internet if you are within around 100 feet.
Networks can either be open or closed and the region which wireless access is obtainable is called a wireless hotspot. People within the hotspot can enjoy internet access if they possess a router or a modem. Wi-Fi works with no physical connection between sender and receiver by using frequency from radio technology. It has to have an access point where it broadcasts a wireless network which devices detect.
Wi-Fi has four main components; networking gateway; which is between high-speed access connection and the wireless network, wireless network; which connects the devices being used with the high frequency radio waves, high-speed access; a very fast internet connection commonly called a broadband and a wireless end user; these are the customers who have internet enabled devices. They are all intertwined in that the end user connects to internet via the wireless network to the gateway.
Wi-Fi has therefore come out to be one of the greatest innovations in regard to internet connections. It has made it very efficient and effective for individuals to access internet services from anywhere as long as they fall within the hotspot range also business no longer need wires running from all parts of the office block just to enhance internet connectivity. This has therefore made work easier.
As it is well known, all things have pros and cons and Wi-Fi doesn’t fall on the exception of this. Wi-Fi requires passwords for security purposes. This is so as to safeguard important information especially for businesses that deal with certain vital information. This has therefore been a challenge as hacker’s crop up from computer literate individuals. Organizations have therefore ended up incurring more cost just because they opted to engage Wi-Fi.
Costs like upgrades after a certain durations and employing a whole department to deal with hacking cases has been inherent in many organizations. These costs can be attributed to Wi-Fi application installation.
There has also been cases where employees of an organization share passwords of the wireless connection therefore other non-employees are able to gain access to internet. This can therefore render the organization at a risky position which can be hacked by these outsiders.
Wi-Fi Technology has been made accessible from devices like laptops, phones and tablet computers. This has been one of the greatest creations in this modern time. There has also been advancement in it’s use whereby long distance buses have been equipped with Wi-Fi thereby keeping their travelers engaged to the internet.
It is advisable that business install Wi-Fi as it creates an efficient environment for working. Individuals who also work from home via internet could also gain a lot from this technology. It offers freedom of movement for individuals and employees and there are now a lot of compatible devices available.

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