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May 21, 2012

3 Indian Innovators Who Have Made a Mark in World

Indian innovators have since forever, made 
their mark in the world of technology with great inventions and ground-breaking ideas. With a continuously exponential growth in the number of people interested in new technologies and numerous students starting their own tech projects for this evolving market, there have been many inventions by the Indian technologists like advanced GPS software and robots that have left the world awestruck.

On May 11, celebrated as National Technology Day in India since the 1998 Pokharan Test, the country awards its scientists and technologists who have made a mark in tech world. Former President, APJ Abdul Kalam himself felicitated the winners of the prestigious award for the National Technology Day 2012.

1. Ramesh Sojitra

Managing Director, Scanpoint Geomatics

Innovation: Created Software that matches satellite images with GPS co-ordinates

Coming from a small town in Saurashta, Ramesh started his career by mopping floors in a printing studio of Mumbai. He has redefined the Indian Geo-Informatics System with his commendable work in Scanpoint. The software generates 3D maps which can be used to plan new cities, estimate farm and forest cover, even guard borders at half the cost of what the foreign software charge. "It gives us pride to prove that we can compete with big MNCs," said Ramesh to IBN.

2. K Guruswamy

Director, Perfint HealthCare Corporation

Innovation: Designed Robots that treat Cancer

Guruswamy’s work has resulted in the most brilliant achievement by Indian medicine in the past decade. The Robot analyses the affected area and finds the part of the body that contains the cancerous tumor. By sending the data to its control unit, it then generates a microwave signal targeting the affected area and destroys the malignant tissues. "We are the only company in the world that offers the entire gamut of services in one package, from identifying to destroying the cancer," said Guruswamy describing the services of his excellent invention.

3. Ashok Atluri

Managing Director, Zen Technologies

Innovation: Developed Driving Simulators

Designed to save hundreds and thousands of lives lost in Indian road accidents every year the driving simulator of Zen Technologies simulates life like conditions of Indian roads to coach the drivers for real time situations. An alumnus of the Indian School of Business, Ashok says,” We've designed it according to Indian conditions, so there are cows crossing the road, pedestrians jumping in suddenly, everything you could think of on a typical Indian road.”

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