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March 3, 2012

Windows 8 consumer preview new features

We have already got Windows 8 developer preview but it is having limitations for upgrading such that you cannot upgrade it to full Windows 8 operating system. Moreover, once you did installation in virtual environment then it becomes difficult for you to uninstall it but it seems that Windows 8 consumer preview will overhauled such issues. Get ready with your testing and downloading tools because it is will released soon. Do not get confused with term "Windows 8 beta", it is same as Windows 8 consumer preview and both these terms can be used interchangeably at many websites. 

You can easily download Windows 8 consumer preview from official Microsoft Website.

Get ready with virtual box or any other software that maintains virtual environment in your system and then install the Windows 8 consumer preview in same way, as you did with Windows 8 developer preview. Install it on virtual software as to avoid installing of Windows repeatedly. 

Windows 8 consumer preview new features

Microsoft knows Windows 8 consumer preview will got huge response in comparison to Windows 8 developer preview which was registered 500,00 downloads in under 24 hours. This time, people are more anxious to experience Windows 8 consumer preview test drive in Windows 7 system. Before that you need to features and what's new in Windows 8 consumer preview? 

New Metro UI interface

It is first version of Microsoft Windows in history of Windows which is using tablet based Metro UI interface. It offers complete new version built on Windows 8 with interface designed for finger touch. The main focus has been put on Windows 8 design which was concept of Windows phone 7. It is like live tiles which automatically make dynamic variations and push notification options into traditional desktop. Its live tiles are so much impressive to touch and feel and it is referred as Metro UI.

Windows 8 app store and fun apps

Windows 8 consumer preview comes with nine pre-installed apps for camera, mail, messaging, people, photos, videos, calendar, Skydrive and music. It includes enchanting message support which enable text message for Windows Live connectivity. It is also believe that Microsoft will provide integrated support of Skype for its users. Moreover, it is expected that Windows store which have many apps based on Skype. Microsoft Windows store is same like Apple store but the difference comes in apps. The another good thing is Xbox live connectivity in Windows 8 operating system which is fully dependent on cloud based services and digital content delivery systems. Instead of this, games like Valve Steam will be included in Windows 8 app store with its fastest and updated version.

Fast booting start and shutdown speed

As far as hybrid booting and shut down speed of Windows 8 consumer preview is concerned then it is very much fastest and speedy in comparison to Windows 7 Pc's. It is 70 percent much faster than Windows 7 operating system. Moreover, it is less prone to Blue screen of Death and other issues.

Removal of Windows start Button

Once upon a time, the icon which ruled the world through its functions and support are overhauled in Windows 8 consumer preview. It is no doubt that new things will be there in Windows 8 consumer preview like killing of start button, dividing OS for ARM and x86 tablets and PC's and new ribbon interface. Microsoft has also started using kinect for image processing to provide full accessibility to disabled people.


Windows 8 new Bing homepage

What’s new in Windows 8 consumer preview?
Through Windows 8 consumer preview, Microsoft wants to use Bing as a reference to make Bing alive again. For making this possible, Windows 8 consumer preview has used a special landing page for Bing search engine. This special Bing page includes HTML video of a betta fish swimming across the screen. The fish is representing Microsoft beta or Microsoft consumer preview version. It is considered to be main change in web accessibility. The video depicting new browser interface, cloud services, Windows 8 blog, Windows store, Windows Dev center and frequently asked questions. If you willing to experience new special Bing Homepage then go to Windows 8 Bing page which is given on Microsoft websites.


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