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March 23, 2012

10 Futuristic Technology to Debut Soon

A number of technological innovations that we only saw in comics and sci-fi novels have come to see reality in the past decade. But if you wonder whether anything could be done to make the present more futuristic, this collection is one that you will have to see to believe.

Here are some of the most futuristic products, according to Mashable, that are in development right now, and could be hitting markets as early as this year.

1. The Invisible Car:
Mercedes Benz designed a car that was “invisible” to the environment (i.e. had zero emissions) and had an astoundingly low impact on the environment. To promote the concept of its invisibility, the company actually made the car invisible. Mercedes says the car is good enough to see the production of its series, but it is expected to only be made available to markets in 2014, according to Mashable’s report.

2. A Space Elevator: Japan aims to build an elevator to space; one that will reach out to a space station 22,000 miles above the earth by the year 2050. The space elevator will contain living quarters and other tourist attractions on board, and will travel from the ground spaceport to the space station at 125 kmph, according to the report. The elevator’s passenger car will be capable of carrying 30 passengers who will reach the space station 8 days later.

3. Driverless Cars: Google received the patent for this technology last year and is expected to use it in cars in the near future. Currently, the technology is being tested at Nevada in the US. The car, on a test, was claimed to be “like cruise control on steroids,” by Tom Jacobs, chief public information officer at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


4. Robotic Assistants: Robotic assistants have helped improve lives, from helping paralyzed patients walk, to picking up tools and assembling heavy machinery. Now although the main paradigm behind robotic sciences is that knowledge of how to program robots is limited to computer scientists and experts in robotic sciences, but a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology in the States predicts that every home will have a robotic assistant to help with everyday tasks, especially since scientists are working on new learning algorithms for machines that could be based on everyday language.

5. Flying Cars are here: Flying cars used to be a part of spoofs in sci-fi movies, especially because of the size of the notion, but Terrafugia, a company aimed at providing innovative solutions to solve challenges facing personal aviation. The car will be available at the 2012 New York auto show for its pre-sale curtain-raiser.


6. Lab-grown meat: Dutch scientists are looking into the possibility of generating lab-grown meat that will be cultured from stem-cells of animal-muscle-tissue. They say it will increase efficiency by 35 percent since the inch-long strips of meat can mashed together to form a fillet, or a patty. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) hopes to generate the same result with chicken by the end of June this year.

7. A Moon Base: Space agencies are planning to build a permanent base with regard to the moon by establishing a station on its surface, or launching a station to orbit it. They hope to further explore life on the moon by doing so.



 8. Mind-reading technology: IBM’s last 5 in 5 prediction revealed the possibility of developing mind-reading technologies, but the blue giant is working towards the development of a computer that responds to signals from your brain. The person controlling the device wears a headset that detects and transmits your thoughts and 7. sends them to a computer which instructs the machine about what to do. The computer will also be able to read patterns in your thoughts so the machine can learn and adapt to your thoughts specifically.


9. Flying Drones: US President Barack Obama is reported to have already signed legislation that allows the Federal Aviation Administration to allow US police agencies to use remotely controlled drones in a few months. The drones could be especially helpful for surveillance, but drone makers are also currently researching the use of nonlethal weapons such as tear gas, and stun guns which could be fired from the aerial drones.

10. Wireless Electricity: Companies are researching the possibilities to make wireless charging of cellphones a thing of the present, with wireless electricity. Other devices, according to Mashable are expected to follow the trend, so one can expect wireless electricity like Tesla’s demonstration to shock devices and people watching.

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