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February 8, 2012

How to automatically download videos from the Websites

Streaming video is one of the great perks of 21st-century living (so far), but sometimes we want to store copies of the videos we watch for later viewing, sharing, or other purposes. 

It's possible to do so through most browsers, but it can be a pain. VSO Downloader is a standalone program that monitors your viewing and automatically saves a copy of any video you watch to your hard drive. Here's how to use it:

Step 1. Download and install VSO Downloader.

Step 2. Launch VSO Downloader before you start watching videos, and minimize it to the system tray, if you'd like. 

Step 3. When you start watching a new video clip, the program will automatically detect it and start to download. It works with thousands of sites and all the major browsers, but you may find that some videos remain undetected. 

Step 4: Automatically download detected videos.

Step 5. If you'd rather pick which videos are downloaded, click "Options," then "Settings," then select "Download settings." Uncheck the box next to "Download automatically detected media." From now on, you'll need to instruct VSO Downloader which videos to download. You can also change the folder to which video save.

Step 6: Change download settings.
If you're feeling adventurous, you may want to tinker with the more-advanced download and detection settings, but I found the defaults to work fine.

Key Features of VSO Downloader

Download Streaming

  • Download Audio and Video Streaming quickly and easily
  • Streaming content is detected and downloaded automatically
  • No copy/pasting URLs necessary
  • Download HD video streaming by selecting HD resolution on your web page
  • Capture streaming and replay videos at any moment

Download YouTube to MP3

  • MP3 converter integrated
  • Download videos in MP3 audio format from any site: MySpace, Dailymotion, YouTube + more
  • Convert video files to MP3 automatically after download is complete.

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