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February 15, 2012

8 much needed techies for a IT company startup

The number of start-ups is increasing every day, and with it, positions that need techies who are well-versed with new and upcoming technologies.

Here are a number of positions that tech startups will be looking out for, according to a report from Mashable, a site that covers digital media, and technology. The site interviewed a panel of entrepreneurs to predict the IT skills that will be in demand.

SEO Experts: These techies optimize web-sites’ traffic. An experienced SEO expert will help you create back-links so the ranking of your page is improved on search engines like Google. Having an expert in SEO allows startups to target their core markets through keyword research, and makes sure that every piece of content created enhances the brand and the web presence of the company, according to Andrew Saladino from Just Bath Vanities.

Communication Experts:  These IT personnel go through every part of content before it is published, and take care of communicating ideas and techniques to other employees. In the viewpoint of Matt Cheuvront from Proof Branding, by being a techie who is comfortable and proficient in communicating efficiently, you cut down the need for a middle person while improving the efficiency and productivity of the company.

These techies bridge the gap between development professionals and operations. The requirement for these professionals rose when a number of IT organizations understood the emerging need and interdependence of both areas to meet goals of rapidly producing software products and services. “Because consumers are becoming more tech-hungry, and startups are using ‘lean methodologies’ to build fast, new startups are looking for people, who can combine the skills that help to scale businesses intelligently,” said Doreen Bloch from Poshly Inc.

User Experience Specialists:
These techies are curious and continuously question themselves about how users’ experience can be made better. Although they don’t see the production of a product from beginning to end, their inputs are invaluable. Benjamin Leis from Sweat EquiTees notes that user experience designers are becoming much sought after. He says, “These individuals help to streamline processes while working towards maximizing return for their clients. Mobile apps, online stores, brick and mortar stores, airline terminals, etc. — all can benefit from exceptional UX design.”

Cloud Specialists:
Startups no longer fear having to build physical servers, especially since the cloud offers an elegant solution. Eric Bahn from Beat The GMAT however notes, “Managing a strong, cloud-based server infrastructure requires some special skills and management. I expect that a lot of startups will be looking for people who know how to user cloud services like Amazon AWS and Rackspace this year.”

Data Specialists: Data specialists assist social scientists in social science research. They prepare tables, graphs, and reports summarizing research results, based on internet research. Arjun Arora from ReTargeter said that having a dedicated resource specialized in analytics will not only help transform company data into workable insights, but will also ensure that the data doesn’t impose a burden on other employees.

Mobile Developers:  With more of the customer base being increasingly accessible via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the need for mobile developers is widening beyond the reach of companies were conventionally expected to have this need. Ben Lang from Epic Launch said that companies are going to continue wanting to exploit the trend of consumers focusing on mobile devices, with new apps for smartphones and tablets. “This market is only going to evolve and become more and more advanced,” he said.

Business IT Specialists:
Startups usually have a lot of technical talent built in to them by default, but another important part of its structure lies in business support. This fact points to a current need for IT specialists “who are used to working with project management, accounting and other business software”, says Thursday Bram from Hyper Modern Consulting.

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