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January 4, 2012

Window 7 Sticky Notes - Features & Effective Uses

Windows 7 is one of the best products that came out from Microsoft. Along with it, came a very handy application called “Sticky Notes”.

Sticky Notes Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks: Use Sticky Notes Effectively
Sticky Notes is a very handy and useful application for almost all kind of users. It allow you to take notes quickly and easily without getting into the trouble of creating a file and then saving it. Sticky Notes require just one click to start and it is auto-safe enabled which means every thing you write of paste in it is saved instantly even if you close the application, your notes are safe. 

Moreover, it serves the purpose of a reminder application where the things you wrote are in front of you always and remind you of any actions you have planned.  You can color them to distinguish between any two set of tasks and so on.

But nothing is perfect. Sticky Notes application is very easy to use but it does not allow you to change the font-style. It uses Segoe Print as default font. Though Segoe Print is a pretty neat font at first, eventually one gets tired of it and would like to change it. Moreover, there are lack of visual controls on sticky note to format text (probably dropped in favor of keeping it simple).

How to Change Font Style

There are two things you can do to change the font-style of your Stick Note from Segoe Print to any other Font you like.
  1. You can copy the text into a notepad window and change the font there to whatever you like and then copy the text back into the note and the font will stick.
  2. Registry Tweak:
    1. Press Start and Type “REGEDIT” then press Enter
    2. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts
    3. Export that key so you have a backup (Optional)
    4. Find Segoe Print (TrueType)
    5. Change the value to the file name of any other font that you wish to use that is already installed (navigate that registry key to find others).
    6. Restart the computer.
This will change the font-settings of Segoe Print to another font and where ever Segoe Print is being use, your newly selected font shall be used.

How to Format Text

StickyNotes Color Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks: Use Sticky Notes Effectively
This is more fun than changing the Font Style. By using a number of Shortcut Keys, you can very easily and neatly change your Sticky Notes appearance, thus making them more user friendly. Below is a List of Shortcut Keys that you can use to format your Sticky Notes:
Shortcut KeyFunction
Ctrl+BBold text
Ctrl+IItalic text
Ctrl+UUnderlined text
Ctrl+Shift+LBulleted (press once) or Numbered (press twice) list (Press more for more options)
Ctrl+Shift+>Increased text size
Ctrl+Shift+<Decreased text size
Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+Shift+AToggles all caps
Ctrl+LLeft aligns text
Ctrl+RRight aligns text
Ctrl+ECenters text
Ctrl+Scroll WheelIncrease/Decrease text size
Ctrl+1Single-space lines
Ctrl+2Double-space lines
Ctrl+5Set 1.5-line spacing
Ctrl+NNew sticky note

Hope you liked this article. Please do share with us your experience with Sticky Notes.

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