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January 5, 2012

checkout some hidden features of your Window 7 PC

Microsoft Windows 7 has some really cool Hidden Perks for its users. Today we are going to explore some of these.

psr.exe – Hidden Tutorial Maker in Windows 7...............................

During testing of Windows 7, the engineers working on the Operating System wrote a program to document movements made by mouse in order to debug the Operating System. The program is still in Windows 7 but it is hidden from public. You can access it using command psr.exe.  

Just click on Start, type psr.exe and hit enter. The following Toolbar will appear.
  Press record and go on with whatever work you want to record doing. The program will  save it in a .mhtml file that you can later use for presenting, teaching, etc. This tool also allows you to add comments. With this tool, it is very easy to make presentation and show it to people who want step by step procedure to do any work.

problem step recorder Coolest Windows 7 Tips and Tricks – Hidden Perks
By the way, there is another tool in windows called Snipping Tool that you can use to take snap shot of any thing on the screen(the above picture is taken using this tool). 

You can find it in Start >> Accessories >> Snipping Tool.

Hidden Themes in Windows 7...............................

There are a few beautiful themes and Wallpapers hidden in windows 7 that you can use. The idea by Microsoft was to Install only that theme which matches your location i.e. if you live in USA United States theme is installed automatically. The other themes that are there and not installed by default are Australia, South Africa, Canada, and United Kingdom. The themes contain  1920 x 1200 resolution wallpapers from the respective countries. Just open explorer and type


in the address bar , hit enter. It will open the folders containing Wallpapers and themes.
Hope you like our set of hidden Perks. Do let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for more...

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