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December 30, 2011

5 Trends of 2011

 1. Independent Group messaging Apps
Though there are rumors coming around about the acquisitions and re launches of group messaging Apps by many App making giants has subsided. Google launched its Disco which was Slide’s App but it had many flaws in it. later facebook came out with a acquirement news of Beluga followed by Skype’s Groupme.


2. Everything for Everyone says Birchbox
Birchbox is a smart streamlined way to buy high end cosmetics, now it has also included featured products from InStyle, New York Post and Mari Claire and staples. It has jus followed the footsteps of Groupon to promote its products through Daily deals. Now consumers can avail their monthly requirements even for their babies and pets from their subscriptions. 

3. Local and Real time for peer to peer Marketplaces 
As ebay and Amazon does a great job in peer to peer market, some small enterprises like craiglist, Zaarly, Taskrabbit has planned to implement real time location based services using mobile phones and GPS services. This improvement will help the individual to outsource their chores in the market which they don’t want to deal with.  

The days of “love at first sight” has been changed to “love at website” a study from says 17% of the couple got married through online dating in past three years .They seem to be comfortable in moving their real life with the aid of internet. They rely on it completely before they make a move trusting that it will create a positive impact.

5. Rise of New York tech city
While Twitter has already opened its first official NYC office on Madison Avenue.It is expected that the city will become as a Hub for technology based industries. The city appointed its first chief digital officer Rachel Sterne. Her Moto is to draw potential investors to build their organization in the upcoming 2.1 million square foot tech campus on Roosevelt Island where facebook will have its engineering office soon. 

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