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October 10, 2011

Write How To's Articles to Earn some Revenue

There are couple of ways by which you can make money on the web by writing how-to tips, useful advice and even opinions.

For instance, you can setup your own website and  add advertisements next to your content – that’s how most blogs (including this one) sustain themselves. The other option is freelancing – you can join an established site in your niche as a writer and they’ll pay you a monthly salary or sometimes a share in the advertising revenue itself.

Then you have a bunch of popular sites like eHow, Hubpages, Squidoo, Associated Content, Examiner and even Google Knol that work on a similar model - you can write content on almost any topic and get paid on a revenue share basis.  A big advantage with writing on such sites is that you only need to focus on creating great content and rest everything - including the article’s layout, SEO, hosting, etc. - is taken care of by the service.

Videojug, one of the most popular how-to websites on the web known for high-quality , is also getting into the game of "user generated content" with the launch of Videojug Pages – it’s a place where anyone can write how-to articles on their favorite topics and get paid per impression.

The system works something like this. You write an how-to article on Videojug Pages using their Tumblr-style online editor and publish it to the web. Videojug will add ads on the page from Google (using your AdSense ID), eBay (using your affiliate ID) as well as their own display ads. You’ll get 100% of the revenue generated from AdSense and eBay while the revenue from display ads will be split 50:50. Not bad!

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There’s one very interesting feature that I think is unique to the Videojug service – you can have multiple people contribute to your how-to article and split advertising revenue among them directly inside Videojug. Each article has 100 points, you can hand out some of these points to the various contributors based on the contributions and therefore their percentage revenue share becomes the same as the number of points they own.

The kind of money that you can make by writing articles on these sites may not be enough for you to even consider quitting your day job but if your writings invite decent number of eyeballs, you can probably pay some of your utility bills from the online earnings.

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