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September 17, 2011

Mens Love Google Map while womans Facebook:Survey

In breaking down the most used applications on Android phones based on gender, market analyst Neilson found 77.1 percent men drawn to Google maps while 81 percent women were attracted to Facebook

Men Love Google Maps, Women like FacebookThere were other notable differences in active reach of social applications. The majority of the top 20 applications, including the streaming music service Pandora and two versions of the popular game Angry Birds, represented similar usage by both men and women. 

Women also used Twitter slightly more than their male counterparts, with 16.5 percent as against 13.4. The new networking site Google + had more male users at 15.8 percent versus 7.2 percent. The second most popular site was Gmail, equally used by both men (75.5 percent) and women (73.4 percent). Google Maps took third place for women, while Google Search nabbed that spot for men. Facebook and YouTube rounded out the top five for men, while Google Search and YouTube were among the top for women users. 

Neilson stated in a blog post, "Outside of social media, applications like Amazon's Kindle and Words With Friends showed higher active reach among women, while applications like Quickoffice Pro and the Amazon Appstore had higher active reach among male Android smartphone owners." 

And despite the stereotype that men don't like asking for directions, they seemed pretty comfortable using Google Maps, which has 77 percent active reach among men compared to 71.8 percent among women," he added.

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