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September 12, 2011

Catch Your Dream by Getting Scholarship

New scholarship opportunities with ample financial support are now available for bright Indian minds to pursue higher education and fine tune their future in their respective fields.
Fulbright awards in teaching program
Teacher Training Programme
The Fulbright award is a teacher training programme for teachers across the world. Selected international faculty members will get a chance to visit a host university in America and participate in their teaching environment.
Financial support: The programme covers a round trip economy airfare for the participant. Room and boarding for the entire grant period and maintenance allowance designed to assist with the costs of food and lodging.
Eligibility: Applicants must hold at least a bachelor's degree and a teacher training degree. They must have at least five years teaching experience. An applicant must be a citizen of India and should hold a valid Indian passport.
Procedure: Interested applicants must submit the completed and signed form along with a resume demonstrating that they meets all the eligibility criteria. A project proposal must accompany the form. Application deadline is October 1, 2011. Information available:
IndianOIL academic scholarships
IndianOil is offering 2600 scholarships for students of 10+/ITI, Engineering, MBBS and MBA courses on merit cum means basis.
Indian Oil Scholarship Program
Financial support: The scholarships will be disbursed at Rs 3,000 per month for four years in case of Engineering and MBBS and two years for MBA courses. Rs 1,000 per month for a duration of two years will be given in case of 10+2 and ITI course.
Eligibility: As the criteria for selection is merit and family's income, the gross joint income of the family of the candidate from all sources should not exceed Rs 1 Lakh. The age limit is minimum 15 years and maximum 30 years.
Procedure: Applicants should apply through online application form. The should also send a hard copy of this application form duly signed along with the required documents. Last date for application is September 15, 2011. Information available on:
Vidyadeep scholarship
Sikkim Manipal University is offering 1500 scholarships for students below the poverty line registered in their distance education programme. Scholarships will be offered in IT, management, journalism, fashion, hospitality and tourism, biotechnology and bioinformatics.
Financial support: The scholarship will be based on the student's performance in the first semester end exams and the fee waiver will be applicable from the second semester. Up to 100 per cent fee waiver will be offered.
Eligibility: Applicants must be residing in India. The scholarship is semester wise and student should score more than 45 per cent in the semester end exams.
Procedure: Application forms are available on the website. The completed form along with the BPL certificate should be submitted. Applications are invited every registration cycle, and the time period given for it remains the same as the time for registration to the course. Information available on:
IIJT Udaan
The Indian Institute of Job Training (IIJT), is offering a scholarship programme to facilitate deserving candidates for career training in various domains. This is an examination-based scholarship scheme.
Financial support: Students will be awarded scholarships on the basis of the scores obtained in the IIJT test. Students who get 61 to 70 marks will get a 15 per cent scholarship, those with 71 to 80 marks will get 20 per cent, 81 to 85 marks will receive a 25 per cent scholarship. Marks between 86 and 90 will receive a 50 per cent scholarship, 91 to 95 will get a 75 per cent scholarship and anyone who gets above that will be awarded a full fee waiver.
Eligibility: All applicants should have cleared their 10+2 exams.
Procedure: Enrollment for the scholarship exam will start from August 22, 2011. The duration is 30 days. A 30 minute IQ test would be conducted online every Saturday. Information available:

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