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August 8, 2011

Google Plus will thump Twitter ,Linkedin & Facebook

Google Plus
Google+ Market Research
Google+ Inc's new social-networking service may grow to claim 22 per cent of online US adults in a year, passing Twitter Inc and LinkedIn Corp. to be the second- most-used social site after Facebook Inc, a survey found.

Google+ has signed up 13 per cent of US adults and will add 9 percent over the next year, according to the survey from Bloomberg/YouGov. In the same period, Facebook will lose about 2 percentage points

of US adults to keep 69 per cent of that population, while Twitter and LinkedIn continue to grow their portion of users.

Started in late June, Google+ is growing faster than Facebook and MySpace Inc. did in their early days. The service, which lets people connect with and manage groups of friends on a website, gained about 25 million users worldwide in less than a month, estimates market researcher ComScore Inc Facebook has more than 750 million active users.

"Google+ is tracing a path similar to Facebook's initial growth -- building excitement in a core group of early adopters," said Michael Nardis, head of YouGov investment products, in a statement about the survey.

Katie Watson, a spokeswoman for Mountain View, California- based Google, declined to comment. Jonathan Thaw, a spokesman for Facebook, and Matt Graves, a spokesman for Twitter, also declined to comment.

Bloomberg and London-based market researcher YouGov Plc polled 1,003 online US residents 18 and older from July 29 to August 2 for the survey.

Twitter, LinkedIn Grow
The results showed Twitter will add almost 3 percentage points of US adults online over the next year to claim 20 per cent of the population. LinkedIn will also have signed up 20 per cent of those people, after gaining almost 2 percentage points within the year, the survey found.

Among survey respondents who had signed up for Google+, 45 per cent said they read content on the site every day, compared with Facebook's 62 per cent of users. Twitter has 42 per cent of its users return daily, while LinkedIn has 8 per cent.

Google+ usage is likely to take away from the time people spend on Facebook, the survey found. Some 30 per cent of people who use both services said they plan to reduce the amount of time they spend on Facebook.

Some 31 per cent of Google+ users polled said they have already abandoned their accounts or not written any posts yet on the site.

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