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July 25, 2011

Is Microsoft going to launch a social networking site

Tulalip Home
Is Microsoft geared up to launch a social networking site? This has become the hottest question of the month. If rumors are true, the fight of the three giants, Facebook, Google and Microsoft will be an interesting war to watch out for. However if the speculations comes true it would not be very surprising as far trend goes.

Inception of the speculation:
A writer from Fusible reportedly found out that the site had been bought by Microsoft and the site hosted a teaser page for a service called Tulalip. Members of the Google+ network were also among the ones who witnessed it. Tulalip, the name of the Native American tribes near Microsoft's Redmond office, seems to be a social search feature integrated with Twitter and Facebook.

The project, entitled Tulalip, advertised itself in the splash as a service that lets users "find what you need and share what you know easier than ever" and there appear to be the options to connect via Facebook or Twitter. It also showed a link which said "See how it works."


However if you go to now, you will witness a whole contradictory affair. It will flash a message saying: "Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web. We didn't mean to, honest."

Hence, for now Tulalip and will remain unsolved mysteries only. However this leaves room for many unanswered questions like, what made Microsoft remove the splash and replace it with a briefing message? Are they really going to join the league of social networking sites?

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