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June 1, 2011

MS Dhoni in B-school syllabus:CNN IBN

Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh dhoni isn't 30 yet but he is already one of India's most iconic figures. From being an inspiration to millions, Dhoni is now the subject of a management curriculum.

Be it the historic first on a sunny afternoon in Johannesburg or the mighty heave that landed the trophy that an entire nation had waited for nearly three decades, MS Dhoni's exemplary leadership skills and self-confidence is already much talked about.

The Indian captain has now become a role model not just for budding cricketers but also for management students. At IFIM Business School in Bangalore, Dhoni's case study has been made a part of the mandatory paper on leadership skills of the school's curriculum.
MS Dhoni in B-school syllabus

"Having a dream and performing it, there is a lot of difference. And here is a young man who played cricket and cricket is a game that needs a lot of strategy, there is a huge amount of competition. There is a lot of coolness that is needed and he showed that on the field. For the students they could identify (with) that immediately," said Madhumita Chatterjee, professor and chairperson of IFIM Business School.

Students too are keen to learn more from Dhoni's ability to excel under intense pressure.

"It is a positive approach towards the growth because Dhoni is a perfect example of the young leader we are looking forward to, because he has the belief in himself as well as the belief in the team," said Siddharth, a student.

Certainly, the Indian skipper's influence is not just restricted within the boundaries of a cricket field anymore and with so much success already in the bag, it is hardly a surprise.

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