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April 21, 2011

Google Toolbar 7—cleaner, fresher and faster is available for IE 8&9

Today we’re bringing the speed of Google Instant to the latest version of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. We’re also introducing a fresh, clean look that personalizes Toolbar with the tools you use most.

Toolbar Instant
If you’ve used Instant on or in Chrome, you’ll be right at home with Toolbar Instant. Just start typing in the search box and search predictions and results will appear instantly as you type, getting you the results you want faster.

You can also type Alt+G to get to the Toolbar search box more quickly.

To enable Toolbar Instant, visit Toolbar Options and click “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing.” Toolbar Instant works on IE8 and IE9; if you’re on an older browser, you can either upgrade your Internet Explorer version or try Instant in Chrome, which includes many of the same tools you’re familiar with in Toolbar.

Personalized Toolbar 
This new version of Toolbar is simpler, cleaner and emphasizes what’s important to you. The tools that you use most will remain visible on the toolbar, while buttons that you haven’t used recently will be moved to the new “More” button.

As you discover and use particular tools that help your browsing experience, like Share or Translate, they’ll automatically appear on the toolbar, making your most relevant tools easy to access. This personalization is stored only on your computer, so no information is sent to Google unless your usage statistics are enabled. You can learn more about this personalization at our Help Center.

Making Toolbar work for you
Some Google Toolbar features, such as PageRank and spell check, require sharing some information with Google in order to function properly. With Google Toolbar 7, we’ve made it easier for you to control your privacy settings. From a single settings menu, you can decide which of these features you'd like to enable and which ones you'd like to stay off.

We’ve also continued to improve the performance of Toolbar 7 without slowing down your browser, making it one of the fastest add-ons you can use in Internet Explorer. 

Google Toolbar 7 is available in English on our download page and will be coming to our other supported languages over the next week. If you’re already using Toolbar, you’ll automatically be updated to the new version over the next few weeks. You can also find out more about Toolbar on our features page.

Search with Google anywhere

Search Google from anywhere on the web.
  • Access Google search from the Toolbar on any site.
  • As you type a search, Toolbar will automatically show suggestions for what you are searching for.
  • Sign in to the Toolbar with your Google account and get personalized search results based on your search history. 

Find things faster

Quickly find your search terms on a web page with three helpful tools.
  • Quick Scroll: Quick Scroll lets you jump directly to the content in a page relevant to your search.
  • Highlight: Click the Highlight button to see all the words that match your search terms on any web page.
  • Word Find: Each word you enter in the Toolbar search box gets its own Word Find button. Click the button to see where that word appears on a page.

Translate languages

Automatically translate web pages written in foreign languages.
  • Visit a site written in a foreign language and Toolbar will offer to automatically translate it for you.
  • See the translation of a single word on a page just by rolling your cursor over it.
  • You can set Toolbar to always translate pages in certain languages in Toolbar Options.

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