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April 15, 2011

Avoid traffic jams with IBM software & IBM has inked a pact with Ester Industries

IBM IS testing a smartphone software designed to predict traffic jams and warn motorists before they even take to the roads. The software major said late on Tuesday that its employees in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley areas of Northern California have been testing technology that will ultimately help drivers around the world avoid fouled traffic.
“ Those involved in the pilot project agree to have location- sensing capabilities in their smartphones automatically tracking where they drive and when,” -IBM Smarter Traveler program manager John Day.

The information is fed through the Internet to computers that identify patterns such as commutes to and from work. Meanwhile, data collected from roadway censors commonly used for online traffic maps is analysed to determine conditions that usually lead to trouble.

“ The results are combined to form personalised predictions of when a motorist is apt to run into highway headaches. We wanted to take advantage of analytic tools to provide predictive capabilities; to get correlations with minor slowdowns and major ones that happen after that,” Day added.

IBM researchers worked with California state highway authorities and a Mobile Millennium Team at the University of Berkeley in California, on the project. The smartphone application lets people receive customised alerts warning of probable traffic trouble before they set out on commutes or other routine drives.

IBM has inked a pact with Ester Industries Limited to help the Gurgaon- based manufacturer become energy efficient and scale its hardware infrastructure for future growth.

The agreement, which involves the installation of IBM Blade Center servers running IBM AIX operating system and IBM storage for SAP ERP, will help Ester run its critical business applications, including SAP ERP, according to a business report.

Ester can save on hardware and software and also have better manageability for overall IT as its application workloads can now be distributed in a virtualized environment with the help of the new server infrastructure.

Ester CIO Sunil Soni said they needed an IT partner that would help it grow rapidly and remain competitive through advanced technology.

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